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Hotel** Le Cygne

6-7, rue Alsace Lorraine 43200 YSSINGEAUX
  +33(0)4 71 59 01 87
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image Le Cygne Hotel**

Le Cygne Hotel**

Yssingeaux, Haute-Loire, Auvergne

Le Cygne Hotel is located in the heart of Yssingeaux, close to the Auvergne volcanos. Le Gygne Hotel offers you a friendly and family-like atmosphere, fit for your stay in Auvergne, near Puy-en-Velay. The hotel has family rooms capable of accommodating up to 5 persons.

The city of Yssingeaux provides calm and pure air that the beautiful Land of Saps has to offer.

The hotel’s restaurant will take you on a journey to discover traditional authentic cuisine, made with fresh local produce from Yssingeaux and Puy-en-Velay.

image The rooms

The rooms

This two-star hotel is entirely renovated, with 10 rooms equipped with television and free Wi-Fi access, and a closed parking lot.

image Yssingeaux


Staying at Le Cygne Hotel**

Yssingeaux (pronounced ee-san-jo), an unusual name for an unusual city. The origin of the name is largely disputed: some believe it is related to the city’s coat of arms featuring five roosters crowing in the morning with the motto “evocant auroram”, while others consider that the name comes from the transcription of the local dialect “Lou cin djaï” (the five roosters).

Opening hours of the hotel reception

Check-in staring 4:00 PM / Check-out before 11:00 AM